Stir Fried Beef

How to cook Stir Fried Beef the panlasangpinoy way

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19 Responses to “Stir Fried Beef”

  1. kristall9405 says:

    thank you po, try ko po to mamya

  2. rad2dbone70 says:

    thanks..looks good..I’ll try it.

  3. babybikay says:

    you sound like you have a cooking show from Pinas. Do you?

  4. cheledesma says:

    I cooked this! Sobrang tuwa ko kasi it was the first time I cooked something na hindi pinirito na galing sa lata. Nagulat Mister ko!
    You made it seem really easy. Thank you talaga.

  5. denimjeansdenizen says:

    The website is down 🙁 maayos pa ba????

  6. DreadSMC says:


  7. partyprettyful says:

    cant you see what he is doing use your brain

  8. DreadSMC says:

    Of course I can see what he is doing. It would be more helpful if I actually knew what he was saying.

  9. riceshotey says:

    mine taste salty and i dont know y..

  10. nayrMASTER says:

    less salt or don’t add the salt at all
    oyster sauce is salty already

  11. manamich0912 says:

    pwede po mag request ng chiffon cake recipe… thnx…

  12. sk8freak123 says:

    wow…salamat. magluluto ako nyan at hindi na ako bibili. makakatipid pa ako.

  13. dou0718 says:

    sarap gagayahin ko na naman ito… salamat!!!

  14. remediesgirl says:

    cheers to pinoy peeps! but, dont u think the wok is a bit small to accommodate the beef? hehehe

  15. suggarachel says:

    maybe just a little to small 🙂 he’s boiling the beef not frying it hehe As long as it taste good 🙂

  16. suggarachel says:

    maybe u should skipp adding the salt 🙂

  17. NattHrafn says:

    looks like the beef is cut with the grain instead of across. And yup, typical mistake there, overfilling the wok. By throing everything into the pan the surface will cool off and the meat will be boiled and not stir fried.

  18. camotes25 says:

    it should be by batches bro… umaapaw ang dami pa cornstrach….

  19. deemitri25 says: