Sapin-Sapin Recipe

An instructional video on making Sapin-sapin, a classic Filipino favorite, using local ingredients. Created by: Joseph Ricardo Casas III and Felice Marielle Pangilinan of FILCUI2 – H33B (ID 106) Disclaimer: 1. the ever patient makers by experience (namely every Filipino’s ancestor or late relative) deserve the credit for the creativity, resourcefulness and patience in preserving our culture through recipes such as the Sapin-sapin. 2. the background music used comes from The Sims (PC game). We do not own the rights to these songs. Thank you for watching! 🙂

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25 Responses to “Sapin-Sapin Recipe”

  1. macysoriano says:

    thanks so much

  2. Yiusyeng says:

    I like the project!!! Detailed!!!

  3. dlscsbshrim says:

    Thank you 🙂 we appreciate your comment.

  4. dlscsbshrim says:

    That’s great! We are glad you appreciate our students’ videos. You’re welcome! 🙂

  5. Yiusyeng says:

    JR, Kayo mismo gumagawa niyan???

  6. darkangel091890 says:

    nice video. *thumbs up* detailed and simple.. super helpful for those who want to make sapin-sapin.. 😀 favorite ko pa naman yan pag fiesta! hehe.. penge! 😀

  7. jcmartz69 says:

    OMG! The Sims music! hahaha!

  8. jam0i says:


  9. dlscsbshrim says:

    Hi Kurt,
    Yes we did this recipe, sapin-sapin.

    Thank you for viewing our video.

    We hope that this post would inspire you to cook this delicious yet time consuming recipe.

  10. dlscsbshrim says:

    Thank you for appreciating this video.

  11. todddhel says:

    hello! im just wondering are they three layers on the sapin sapin? white,purple and orange? if it is how about for the white one do i need to put a mashed sweet potato there too?

  12. todddhel says:

    hi! im just wondering if do i have to put a mashed sweet potato for the white color? and also how long you think we have to steam it? i just want to know the approximate time.. thanks!

  13. kawaiichef says:

    good job! good job! ^^

  14. rotchie78 says:

    thanks nice recipe!favorite ko kc sapin sapin e,thanks a lot

  15. honeyjjdb says:

    this is s yummy..great vedious

  16. alliswell03 says:

    “mmm ang sarap sarap”

  17. sweetangel1120 says:

    Wow…I like the color…&.also my favorite kakanin..simple but detailed….more uploads pls. Thanks

  18. citabensurto26 says:

    Hmmmmm, yum yum.. I feel hungry that is my favourite!

  19. april2183 says:

    great video presentation.I will definitely try this tomorrow.thank u so much for sharing your talent.

  20. cutechinita1 says:

    just wann know kung one at a time po ba ang pag steam & how many mins it will take? I saw some videos na they steamed the ube flavored 1st for 15 mins then they pour on top the 2nd flavor for 15mins again & the plain one on top..ok din ba ganito procedure?

  21. scecille92 says:

    Great! I know now how to do it.

  22. mc19690320 says:

    wow gusto korin mag luto niyan kayalang hindi ako marunong pero gayon nakita kona gagayahin ko salamat ha

  23. messengerofmail121 says:

    great pilipino snacks love it

  24. henrymaux33 says:

    thank you for sharing… just one comment.. the text is not very visible.. try changing the color?

  25. meneltane says:

    wown sims