Sago at Gulaman

How to prepare Sago and Gulaman the panlasangpinoy way

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  1. maane1005 says:

    @luatjoshuado You know what you should do? Learn how to spell. Then you can come back and harass filipinos.

  2. SamsonAlumpiHiT says:

    Wow ang sarap nyan. keep on making videos like this. more power and God Bless!

  3. Fetalanie says:

    @luatjoshuado what u mean stop? I am 75% filipino !! let me remind u where ever D ? came from ! Read our ‘HISTORY’ so u know why our dish are very semilar 2ur dish…
    Magellan was in our country 100yrs ago, if I wasnt mestaken..He was from SPAIN !! How about u ?What is ur ethnec ?
    besides, U dont C-US chowing down W/ BEANS all d time !!!!!!! Ha! Ha!

  4. free2cumnc says:

    @ Fetalanie u should stop urself from watching Filipino Video and stop being hater! 75% pinay? I dont think so..u r jst one of the stabber who went to america and forget where u came from…keep ur history to urself!!! while we enjoy GOOD FILIPINO FOOD…hahaha!!!

  5. BabyJhayden says:

    thank you for posting this video !!

  6. tarotization says:


  7. colgate2006 says:

    Great job ! Very polite too ! hehehe. Keep them coming pare!

  8. un4getablemen says:

    thank you kuya galing mo dami ko na lamang luto

  9. ayeeloveeyooh says:

    @luatjoshuado ehh fuck you bitch. you dont even know how for spell. wtf.? you one filipino or what? if not, STFU

  10. dimitrisobolevskij says:

    i cant get them to go tanslusiant they just have a clear surface but no more can u heap?

  11. mar7dong says:

    ang tagal maluto ng Tapioca 1hour or sobra pa.
    low heat lang para hinde masyadong maubos ang tubig.
    thnks for shareng masarap to pag mainit ang panahon.
    puede ito sa party Bidang bida.

  12. Lugiarulz233 says:

    Go die in a hole you fucking retard, get a life and learn how to spell “Filipino”

  13. meowtrox says:


  14. playitcoolsujucool says:

    Yum! I just saw a bag of tapioca and boxes of gelatin in our kitchen cabinet and this came into mind. So now I’m learning how to make it. Looks easy but I hope it would turn out good because I just baked a tray of brownies…let’s just say they all ended up thrown in the trash =))))))))))))

  15. beh214 says:

    parang di pa luto ung sago

  16. dontcare1000 says:

    sawakas! tagal na kong bumibili neto gagwa naman ngayon >:D!

  17. awanjace3 says:

    WOW!!!!!! It looks really-really GOOD

  18. LeJorges says:

    Thank you! It looks great, what’s the name of the song in the background?

  19. ninjatot says:

    @gie2i baka kulang sa tubig dear or medyo malakas apoy mo medyo natusta yung sugar

  20. humandiseases says:

    almost 20 years na akong di nakainom ng homemade sago’t gulaman ah 😉 challenge yung pagluto ng sago kaya ang ginagawa ko is i let the sago boil for 10 mins, turn the heat off then cover it until it cools down. the result is expanded na yung sago at luto na.

  21. angelbeast73 says:

    very yummy and refreshing. thanks for this recipe.

  22. blueburriedalive4561 says:

    Tulo laway ko ^ ^…..

  23. alphaking000 says:

    lol the caramel is abit wrong light amber = too sweet amber = fine taste dark amber = a bitter taste of caramel 🙂