Nestle Club’s Pancit Palabok

Julius Maggi Kitchen’s chef, Ms. Tess Sutilo, demonstrates how to make Pancit Palabok….

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23 Responses to “Nestle Club’s Pancit Palabok”

  1. AiRaByU says:

    my family loves eating palabok, i guess your recipe or version of palabok is the best ..infact my tita join the nestle club,more recipe w/ video pls .. tnx chef…

  2. tastywaves says:

    great video! looks delicious!

  3. jake23masters says:

    for me palabok the best filipino dish, its to die for……

  4. gracesysumer says:

    thanks for uploading the video… i love eating palabok……now i know to cook this….Thanks!!!

  5. shereen219 says:

    Tried it already!!! Very good recipe. Naubos ng mga flatmates ko ang niluto ko at nagbaon pa sila!!! More recipes pa please… Thanks.

  6. msgorgeous2 says:

    wow sarap

  7. FoodOfood says:

    Great video, thank you

  8. MaryjaneRypma says:

    thank you so much. great video. take care and god bless u 🙂 bye

  9. MrLogantrojan says:


  10. PLISKEN12 says:

    nestle cream? parang siningit na lang yun. never heard.

  11. sharmane27 says:

    saan nakakabili ng anato oil? or atchuete oil?

  12. nestleclubphvideo says:

    Hi sharmane27,
    Achuete or annatto seeds can be bought at groceries. They’re usually placed in the spices section near the pepper and bay leaf products. Hope it helps.

  13. mamaclaytess says:

    Mas masarap talaga kapag may cream… you can even use it when cooking spaghetti. Try it, you’ll love the difference! 🙂

  14. MrRepakol says:

    dami pala rekado

  15. Bolshoi125 says:

    more recipe pliss

  16. glenpaulparedes says:

    MSG + Chicharon + oil + pinakuluang pork sumthing = ITS OVER!!!

  17. glenpaulparedes says:

    @PLISKEN12 hahaha!! oo nga nu bsta masaklap p dyan m magic srap n ung sauce mron p ung toppings

  18. Cheernationmusic says:

    DAMN! You tricked me! lol
    My husband is Pinoy and I am American. I cant understand Tagalog. I always look up recipes and it starts out in English then changes to Tagalog… your tick me! LOL Will I ever learn?

  19. annier18 says:

    oh wow!! im sure this is really delicious!! imma try it for sure!!!

  20. szchoedee says:

    madali lang paggawa ng anato oil… first heat the oil in moderate… then add anatto seed fry for about a 5 minutes or less until the oil change ita color…

  21. Bj03931 says:

    .,ummmm.,i cant seem 2 find d anato oil.,any substitute?tnx =)

  22. burnInHellGZLolz says:

    this looks really good but REALLY confusing :/ *wishes he spoke Tagalog*

  23. heavenknows1977 says:

    Nice explanation. but correct me po if im wrong. the word “caldo” is a spanish word that means,”consume or broth?. i think the appropiate word for the sauce is “salsa”.