Learning from other’s experience

In every store barcode scanner and automated cash register are already needed if you’re business and customers are growing, that’s why I wonder why there is this one store located inside the mall wherein until now they are still using the old fashioned way of selling. I’m talking about the old way of issuing receipts manually in which the saleslady has to manually write the items and price in the receipt. I understand that in some small retail business they do this process because it’s not practical to invest in those equipments but for a big business with lots of customers I think they should already consider of having them. I believe this old system renders poor service and because of that it will greatly affect their sales. Well, that’s what I have observed yesterday, because of slow customer service it caused a long line of customer waiting for their turn so what happened they eventually went out of the store and transfer to another.

I’m dreaming of having my own business in the future and what i’ve observed from that store yesterday did teach me and gave me ideas on how to handle a business well.

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