Kare – Kare

How to cook Kare-Kare the panlasangpinoy way www.panlasangpinoy.com

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16 Responses to “Kare – Kare”

  1. videokillerknight says:

    san ka nakatira

  2. lamokasshole says:

    kick ass kare-kare

  3. lamokasshole says:

    @Itoldchu fuck you you suck..

  4. Stepelena says:

    Thankz! one of my favo. anyway i will take u as my receipe book uuuummmmm.yummy.!

  5. JunRambo says:

    Bakit sa recipe mo may bagoong eh..hindi mo nilagay sa pangluluto mo?Ano ba talaga….

  6. karensky1110 says:

    @Itoldchu, i agree with what you’re saying. just say it nicely.

  7. karensky1110 says:

    Kare-kare is one of my fave filipino dish. You certainly did a good job on the recipe. However, few things. 1. The vid is too long. You can edit it & make it short just to show the important stuff. 2. It’s in tagalog. If you don’t like to speak in English, you can put english subtitles or at least type in the ingredients & what exactly is happening. Take note the whole world can see this video. 3. Next time use a bigger wok to sautee the veggies.

  8. annejopasana says:

    thanks for this video, very informative. galing-galing. now i know how to cook kare-kare. sana po may video din for bagoong, parang mas okay kasi yung freshly cooked na bagoong. thank you

  9. iyaboy888 says:

    nilagayan ko rin nang konting tripe ang gitil at utak ng baka masarap

  10. tarantado2020 says:

    wow sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. nagutom tuloy ako. mka punta nga sa pinoy pinay. resto. ugh

  11. epicspecialized says:

    you should have used a bigger pan for the veggies.

  12. csimicz says:

    Would it be much better if you blanch the vegetable rather than frying it? and specify if the peanut butter is unsweetened or sweetened?

  13. 75monsterball says:


  14. pinkvanessa73 says:

    i like all your recipies thank you for sharing ,. more power to you….

  15. darkedge0210 says:

    thanks for sharing… !!

  16. alyssaxoxo8 says:

    @karensky1110 He has a website that has all the ingredients and steps in English, btw. Lol, and I think he has the choice to put what stuff goes in HIS video, we are just viewers who SHOULD appreciate? his efforts despite the things you believe he’s lacking.