goldish brown smokey eye for Christmas using CS 88 palette

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22 Responses to “goldish brown smokey eye for Christmas using CS 88 palette”

  1. lollipopchick84 says:

    you always do a good job, but i like when people take time to explain their tutorial instead of rushing through

  2. qlaudhya says:

    Thanks a lot for watching and commenting, I really appreciate it, and I know what you mean, but recordind a video is already time consuming, plus the editing part, ( that is a pain in the butt ) and sometimes people like myself have other things to do, you know this is for fun I don’t receive any kind of payment for it.
    Have a nice day and a wonderful New Year ?

  3. qlaudhya says:

    You can check through my videos I already have one about that.

  4. lollipopchick84 says:

    ok,np,it’s really pretty though, do you do all these looks with just the 88 matte pallet?

  5. mvaca86 says:

    wut kind of eye liner do u use?

  6. pyarkaaloo says:

    u have such pretty eyes, i love this tutorial!! love the golden shimmery n brown colors….just lovely… i wish i had brown eyes, they always accommodate eyeliner n masacara so well…. thnx 4 sharing =)

  7. ShoshQat says:


  8. formercheerleadertha says:

    wuts the name of that song playn?

  9. qlaudhya says:

    ” Wake up ” Alicia Keys

  10. felic1983 says:

    I have a question.I would love to know what kind of mascara did you use in this video?

  11. persian1pinkiee says:

    youve got aishwarya eyes babesxx

  12. EmpressElizabeth1920 says:

    qlaudhya, what brand of brushed do you use for your smoky eye and what brand of eye make up. I like wearing browns, golds, bronze.

    your make up looks great

  13. qlaudhya says:

    @EmpressElizabeth1920 Thanks, the palette that I used for this look, is a 88 matte palette, you can find it on ebay, and the brushes, I used some from CVS (essence of beauty ) the one I used to apply the highlight was from Kmart and the one I used to blend is Mac 224.

  14. Arybella87 says:


  15. zexycutiepie411 says:

    supe duper pretty def. going to be my top fave. look

  16. qlaudhya says:

    @zexycutiepie411 Thanks ? I’m really glad you liked it =))
    Have a nice week xoxo

  17. murillomjp says:

    Gracias por el tip´s, por favor me puedes decir qué marca son las sombras que utilizas….saludos y te felicito por tus videos, me encanta la idea de que compartas tu experiencia con el maquillaje, saludos Hilda…

  18. qlaudhya says:

    @murillomjp Gracias a ti, y pues no es ninguna marca en especial, esta paleta la puedes conseguir en ebay solo pon 88 palette y ahi la puedes encontar, tengo entendido que son originarias de Hong Kong, y varias compan~ias las compran y les ponen su sello, por ejemplo la mia la compre con una compan~ia que se llama Coastal Scents, pero las venden tambien otros.

  19. ramizat says:

    may i know wic colour did u use as shadow

  20. msmonicac09 says:

    omg i totally fell in love ^_^ love the look 🙂

  21. qlaudhya says:

    @msmonicac09 Thanks for watching and commenting, I’m glad you liked this look =))

  22. maxineczka says:

    love the brows 🙂