Filipino Food

Some of the dishes that I have made at home-and would like to share it with you. In this movie it shows only ingredients and photo of out learn more about how to cook it…contact me and ill see you a message..or learn on youtube…I fusion my food style from my family recipes and what I saw on youtube/net and created these dishes for my own family to enjoy and pass on.I enjoy learning about food so i figured i should share some of my ethnic food…there are so many styles and ways to make these dishes and with different ingredients depending on family recipes and part of the region of the philippines. Chicken Tinola 0:07,Lauya 0:17,Sinigang Pork 0:27,Spicy Chicken Stew 0:37,Pinakbet 0:47 music:VZ Hawaiian Punch Created:windows movie maker — Kr@m Production

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16 Responses to “Filipino Food”

  1. TheJerseyChimpmunk says:

    all chicken and pork? no beef?

  2. kram182 says:

    lol…well actually we have beef dishes too….These are my due to haveing Gout I make these dishes more then beef dishes…I love beef but cant have to much of it..=(

  3. bigdaddy219 says:

    wow nice bro kram.!!

  4. jonnymey says:

    nice, man just put everything in a pot and cook it all together?? or u ganna tell us how to cook it , bro? anyway , they look delicious!!

  5. kram182 says:

    sup johnny…hahah no..not all together there are steps but i figure to just give the ingredients in this video and show the out come,but if you like i can go over it with you…ill send a message what food do you want to cook…/ ….aight man hit me up if one of those you are craving for…

  6. ThatWho says:


  7. rushtyman says:

    nakkagutom nman bro!! nice food..

  8. Nahom79 says:

    We have a beef stew called Kare-Kare,bit of a dried marinated beef called Tapa n Corned beef filipino style n Mechado another beef stew tomany stews in the philippines maybe they got it from the spaniards lol.

  9. kram182 says:

    mmmm yup those sound good! I love Kare-Kare w/ ox-tail style mmmm with alamang and rice…..

  10. ANTiSOCiALiTE says:

    What!! NO ADOBO!?!?! It’s the national Filipino dish bro!!

  11. kram182 says:

    of course ADOBO! in part 2…how you been Mike! you gonna move back here soon lol…

  12. MaN2528 says:

    those look yummy… make me hungry…

  13. BboyGrimm says:

    pinakbet for the win!

  14. choose8 says:

    i learn alot from this. Thank you very much.

  15. ClawSilver says:

    aw hmm the dishes i tried isn’t like that idk the names tho they told but i didn’t understand them 1 had a fish bout 1″ 1 1/2′ long deep fried with cooked rice and veggies the other was a round fish with the head cut off with thins o white sauce tasted like clam chowder both very yummy

  16. ClawSilver says:

    guess my fiancee will tell me the 1’s i ate this isn’t the 1 i had…