Contest! yay!! -CLOSED!! thanks guys!!

Contest ends April 14th at 12 am midnight Rules: Celebrity inspired Put in the video where you are from Send a picture of your look to Must be a subscriber!! xox Prizes: Pangea Organics Soap – Bath&Body Works Body Butter Set – Rimmel Lip Liner in Eastend Snob- Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara- Bed Head Masterpiece Travel Hair Spray- Big Sexy Hair So Pumped Travel Size- Total= of beauty products! yay! Thanks guys! Honors for this video: #75 – Most Responded (This Week) – Howto & Style #22 – Most Responded (Today) – Howto & Style #41 – Most Responded (This Week) – Howto & Style #69 – Most Responded (This Month) – Howto & Style #13 – Most Responded (Today) – Howto & Style #20 – Most Responded (This Week) – Howto & Style #60 – Most Responded (This Month) – Howto & Style Check out my blog!:

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25 Responses to “Contest! yay!! -CLOSED!! thanks guys!!”

  1. girlieguru123 says:

    thx sooooooooooooo much u rock my look is katy perry inspired i sent it to u!

  2. spellpeace says:

    Hey girl, I plan on entering your contest!! I love your videos :]

  3. magicgrl111 says:

    you totally should! I’m glad you like my vids! 😉
    <3 Selby

  4. RihulaFanatic says:

    I have a picture of a model form amaricas next top model that i really like – does that count as a celebrity?! 🙂

  5. Chellirsl says:

    Hey!! I think I’m entering your contest… I liked the chalenge of making a star look… I’ll think about smething nice!! Loved your videos, u’r so cute!! Cya!! <3

  6. magicgrl111 says:

    Yes! whatever your inspiration, feel free to do it!
    Can’t wait to see your entry!

  7. magicgrl111 says:

    Thank you! I thought the celebrity look would be fun! I can’t wait to see your entry!

  8. magicgrl111 says:

    No, I will pay for everything

  9. magicgrl111 says:


  10. magicgrl111 says:

    thanks girl!

  11. magicgrl111 says:

    It’s Plink! by MAC

  12. RihulaFanatic says:

    Greate!! Just have to buy something for the look tomorrow before I can start! Thank you – i’m pretty excited about it myself!! 🙂
    Was just looking at your video again – wow, you are just so naturally beautifull! 🙂
    Can’t wait to post my video!!
    Have a nice day!! 🙂

  13. jacqlibra says:

    sounds fun!
    wish i could come up with something before the contest ends! 😛

  14. Bellakarma1 says:

    I have to get going on my entry!! less than a week left!

  15. elfisbest says:

    u r sp pretty

  16. Edelyn45 says:

    Hi I was wondering…can you do more than one entry?

  17. magicgrl111 says:

    aww thank you!

  18. magicgrl111 says:

    yes, but you have to finish it by tomorrow midnight!

  19. stefaniek03 says:

    Im uploading my video right now
    and Im having problems with it

    spare me 15minutes.

    lol.I really want to enter:]

  20. magicgrl111 says:

    it’s totally ok, don’t worry about it! <3

  21. stefaniek03 says:

    thanks so much.
    you just made my entire week.


  22. alrox1021 says:

    when will u be announcing the winner?????

  23. magicgrl111 says:

    probably on Friday, if not sooner!

  24. alrox1021 says:

    Okay! Thanx!!;)

  25. tladekani says:

    oh… I was going to upload my entry right now… :-/
    that’s so sad…

    anyways, good luck to everybody!