Chiara’s Liquid Liner Tips

Some tricks that I use for applying liquid liner. Targeted towards girls with thinner eyelid folds. For more, visit Chiara’s beauty blog: Questions, Comments, or Requests? Leave a comment! Cheers, Chiara —- Honors: #81 – Most Viewed (Today) – Howto & Style – Hong Kong #92 – Most Viewed (Today) – Howto & Style – Australia #71 – Most Viewed (Today) – Howto & Style – Canada #79 – Most Viewed (Today) – Howto & Style – Hong Kong

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25 Responses to “Chiara’s Liquid Liner Tips”

  1. citygirls12 says:


  2. vietgurlie21 says:

    i was wondering. if i do the top, do i have to put eyeliner on the bottom too.?

  3. momochan1212 says:

    you look so smart girl!
    I love tutorials made by asians cz they are effective yet simple, easy to follow <3
    Why don't you make some review on products you've bought? 😀

  4. bua1tarita says:

    Do you know where I can buy chanel in white compact in USA?

  5. Amelia2Kaka says:

    Wow that’s a nice eyeliner! I’m gonna go get one now, thanx!!!! :DDD

  6. koreanatica says:

    ang panget nung girl,LOL mata lang nya maganda

  7. thickascanbe says:

    whats the name of the song? someone pleaseee tell me. thanks :]

  8. oAYYT says:

    it’s ??? – 1234567.

    i love this song ;D

  9. whoa19whoosh says:

    i LOVE khalil!! 🙂

  10. poppoya says:

    Oh my gosh, the end result is gorgeous! Thanks for the clip.

  11. candyrose17 says:

    good video 😀
    i like using q-tips with lotion to fix mistakes ^-^

  12. emilyechoes says:

    omg i want this song!

  13. bbyxhs says:

    song name please?

  14. chiarashine says:

    ??? – 1234567

  15. x3R4v3r says:

    Me toooo. 😀 It slides off easily. ;3

  16. candyrose17 says:

    hehe 😀 its so simple and useful!

  17. jadespilka says:


  18. janies001 says:

    You’re such a cutie!!!

  19. janies001 says:

    Ooo, thanx!
    Now, I know 😀

  20. JooFooAsian says:

    What’s the song? 🙂
    And i love the look!

  21. StrawberryMochix3 says:

    I use that eyeliner too! xD

  22. masbuenopobre says:

    thanks!!! I was looking for those tips

    nice song <3

  23. winxclub710 says:

    u having very pretty eyes

  24. arjean0110 says:

    yeheeeeey! finally i know how to draw a line on my eyes
    i love the way u do it at the end rather than on the bottom and have my eyes closed
    Thanks (n________n)

  25. AdoboxD says:

    is there any eyeliner similar to the one you’re
    using? i don’t live near any japanese markets…