Buttered Garlic Shrimp

How to cook Buttered Garlic Shrimp the panlasangpinoy way www.panlasangpinoy.com

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22 Responses to “Buttered Garlic Shrimp”

  1. Zeul28 says:

    @kkluv1995 Its cool, he speaks a mix of Philippine & English ( common use in Filipino’s daily lives ) 0:35 Bawang = Garlic (severely chopped)

  2. Zeul28 says:

    @arcelle72 term used against mexicans crossing into the US illegally by swimming across the Rio Grande river, getting their back wet. Its use on this video is simply misplaced.

  3. Orlandizzle10 says:

    can someone help at the end of video he adds the parsley and then what does he add (((pepper))? and salt? thanks

  4. unangputok003 says:

    @sinfuldavy0 dont see the shell? how can you devein when the shell is in there?

  5. imkuntox says:

    what language is he speaking?

  6. jaydesjade05 says:

    sir pede mag request? magaling k pero ang tagal ng video mo bk pede mo padaliin. dami mo kc sinasabi…..

  7. starskiezze says:

    kuya ang galing mo naman

  8. myuniverse2007 says:

    @sinfuldavy0 i don’t think so – which is very dangerous

  9. marysproject says:

    @Orlandizzle10 Yes, that’s salt & pepper. Also, he said not to overcook the shrimp, so when you accidentally put in extra lemon soda, remove the shrimp first, wait for the sauce to thicken and add back the shrimp =)

  10. luckystar1957 says:

    I like the way you cook…..thanks 4 sharing…

  11. singkamas1 says:

    Good job

  12. nessnajwafu22 says:

    mas masarap to pag may oyster sauce 🙂

  13. babyguwapo says:

    ganda ng backround music ni kuya nho’? hehe nakakapasayaw habang nagluluto! hehe

  14. CyberHostage says:

    This guy is classic!!! not sure what he’s saying, but for some reason I understand it lol

  15. jp27paner says:

    thank you much, very helpful and simple to follow. more power.

  16. TheMinzy09 says:

    mhhhhhhhhhh ang sarap!!!!

  17. lumpiako says:


  18. MrAsian4life says:

    I’m just wondering, can I substitute orange soda for lemon soda. I love Chinese style orange chicken.

  19. gnstarr2096 says:

    thanks for sharing.. will surely try this!

  20. mofokraut says:

    can we use checken broth insted of butter? I aint like the spoiled milk taste.

  21. colognetw says:

    @cleomusics ay oo nga no?kung coke ka…well, try ko naman ang beer…wa-pak!!!

  22. ameredon1 says:

    ano parsley sa tagalog