Beef with Broccoli

How to cook Beef with Broccoli the panlasangpinoy way. Visit us at

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12 Responses to “Beef with Broccoli”

  1. tarley009 says:

    Elow poh, anybody knows how to download this video? pls teach waiting 🙁

  2. sakinehbs says:

    this is wonderfull show, i wish he would just talk in English so we all can understand, but i know he is doing it for his own people too. Rock on man you are great.

  3. SuperCrabbygirl says:

    @triviumfrek112233 me too…I’m closely working with more or less 10 different nationalities i the office, language barriers make work tougher by 10 folds.

    Anyway, he speaks taglish, a mixed english and tagalog.

  4. audax5435 says:

    @knzay can you hear? its in english.. maybe your speakers are f\*ed up..

  5. icicle8 says:

    @tarley009 youtube grabber, google it.

  6. jennyforsale says:

    I don’t mean to be rude but is he speaking two languages or is it just me?

  7. genkuko says:

    @jennyforsale yeah he is speaking in 2 languages

  8. zenabir21 says:

    walang pinoy background music ngayon sir a

  9. melktineful says:

    ano pwede pang alternate sa rice wine? wala kc nyan d2 sa Norway?

  10. NiCQuaRius24 says:

    @knzay im guessin your on of those “American Wanna Be’s” , get real mofucka you aint better than us … If your just here to insult this dude(lol) than I’d suggest you get the fuck out cuz nobody wants to put up wit yur bullshit, Watch the video or get the fuck out cuz your ass dont mean shit to us .

  11. SuperMaryann15 says:

    galing mo kuya idol kita!

  12. RicaWinter08 says:

    Hey guys Filipino really talk like this normally-everyday!! I was surprised that you guys don’t know.