Back to School : One Whole Week of Fashion!

I’m so excited for you guys to see this! It took me forever to film and edit this but I like all the outfits that I picked! They’re great for showing your style the first week of school! All of the items I wore in the outfits are from places you probably already shop at and they’re also affordable! Just try to look for things on sale ;D Clothes from places like Forever 21, Pac Sun, Abercrombie, Nordstrom, American Eagle, and more! Tell me what you think and which outfit you like the best! Enjoy~ s2 First Outfit: Cardigan – Abercrombie Shirt – Pac Sun Skirt – Pac Sun Boots – Nordstrom Necklace – Forever 21 Bracelet – American Eagle Second Outfit: Shirt – Abercrombie Tank Top – Gilly Hicks Jeans – Pac Sun Shoes – H&M Necklace – Somewhere in Vegas 😛 Bracelet – Gift Shop in San Francisco 😛 Third Outfit: Shirt – American Eagle V-Neck – Pac Sun Skirt – Forever 21 Sandals – TJ Maxx Beads – Claires Bow – Claires Fourth Outfit: Tanktop Vest – Hollister Shirt – Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans – Zumiez Necklace – Claires Fifth Outfit: Jacket – American Eagle Shirt – Abercrombie Skirt – Abercrombie Belt – Abercrombie Bracelet – Unknown Can you tell that Abercrombie’s a good place for preppy clothes? 😛 Sixth Outfit: Trench Coat – United Colors of Bennetton Dress – Nordstrom BP Scarf – Garage (Canadian Store) Leggings – Unknown Boots – Nordstrom Seventh Outfit: Jacket – Pac Sun Tanktop – American Eagle Necklaces – Claires & Forever 21 Bracelet – Unknown Jeans – Pac Sun Shoes – Coach Store

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19 Responses to “Back to School : One Whole Week of Fashion!”

  1. mikaylaheartsclothes says:

    omg i luv luv luv ur fasion i live in canada so i don’t have a nordstrums near me but i wish i had all of those outfits they r gourgus

  2. Foxkiss18 says:

    I luv your back round song! Lolli pop lolli^pop pop pop!! i like your second outfit! Fourth!, last!!

  3. Mr05152005 says:

    small tit

  4. TheKingdomPalace says:

    When I saw videos with ur faCe only I thought u were like in ur twenties and now that I see you full u look younger

    You sort of dress up like a middle schooler in some of the outfits

    I think that the dresses and the skirts are a lil’ bit short, but they’re really pretty


  5. PinkStrawberryGloss says:

    Your hair is Gorgeous! <3 And your outfits are so adorable! (o^.^o) You defiantly know style~! 😀

  6. oOLarasThemeOo says:

    hahaha beginning is adorkable :]

  7. CassieDude91 says:

    Wow, we have similar taste in outfits! All my outfits are 80% like yours!! =D luv how u mix n match evrythin..

    BTW, is that “lollipop” by 2NE1 in the background?

  8. 1234bhavneet says:

    your really pretty

  9. MrGuymec says:

    Hi Raelyni, do you have the reference of the music you used for this clip? It’s fantastic!

  10. ahmadandice11 says:

    omg! this is cool.. (: ty (:

  11. Platinum9121 says:

    my favorite is #3 and #4

  12. kisses4u17 says:

    the skirts are to short for school

  13. cupcake45328 says:

    Can I Have your cloths? I totally love the outfits nice choices I WANT THEM ALL 😀

  14. RozieexD says:

    i loved them all!!!!!!!!!

  15. asianbeezyx3 says:

    You should make one for this school year!

  16. AshleyCheers101 says:

    i <3 the outfit at 0:56

  17. cocacolalver says:

    I love the seventh outfit

  18. 125Aamanda says:

    i love everything :))) thanks this really helped and spent some of my moms money XD lol

  19. nelenaandkemi4eva1 says:

    the last outfit and the one with the kaki coat from american eagle were my favs u have similar style to me so i luv getting ideas from u cause u have such nice and supa cuteee clothes! that was a really good vid! gonna watch anotha!xoxoxo