Infant acne

Did you know that babies can get acne too? This form of acne, also called baby acne, is common among one-month old babies. So if you notice rashes and pimples on your newborn’s delicate skin that must be infant acne. Like in adults, infant acne is manifested by inflamed skin with tiny and bumpy whiteheads in the middle. You can usually find these on the cheeks, on the forehead and on the chin.

It’s still unknown to specialists what causes infant acne, some experts claim that infant acne is caused by the excess hormones the baby has gotten from the mother at the closing stages of the pregnancy. Infant acne is not life threatening as it is a normal cleaning process babies undergo, so don’t worry too much. Do not treat the infant acne yourself by using ointments or oils for acne treatments as these would only worsen the acne. If the condition of the infant acne is severe it would be best to bring your baby to the pediatrician or dermatologist who can recommend the right treatment.

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