Testosterone therapy for women

I’ve learned that deficiency of testosterone can cause many problems in women, these are  characterized by low energy levels, dry skin and brittle scalp hair, depression, decreased muscle mass, weakness, etc. This condition may be due to various reasons. Menopause is one of the common reasons for a decreased level of testosterone. Hysterectomy can be another reason for the deficiency of this hormone. Some women who undergo hysterectomy may be affected with this condition even if the ovaries are kept intact. Chemotherapy can affect the functioning of ovaries and thereby cause a deficiency of testosterone. Childbirth is another reason, but above all, some may experience this condition without any particular reason.

Some undergo testosterone therapy but it is still a much-debated and controversial subject. Therapy can be administered in the form of  testosterone pills, injection, cream / gel or pellets. It is observed that testosterone therapy is associated with many side-effects. It can affect the normal blood flow, cause hair loss on the scalp, water retention, aggravate breast and liver cancer, elevate cholesterol levels, cause severe acne, etc.  You should never start this treatment without consulting a doctor and without undergoing the necessary tests, because of the side-effects associated with it.

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