How To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed By Motherhood

Becoming a new mom really changes you. You may find that you’re feeling edgy, nervous, self conscious, and more. You are probably experiencing a whole range of emotions that you don’t understand. What can intensify these feelings is the fact that you know you’re supposed to be ecstatic at being a new mother, and you don’t understand why you feel as though your entire world has just been turned inside out. One thing you should understand right off is that you are not alone. It is perfectly normal to feel this way, and many new moms experience these types of feelings.

One of the main things that are responsible for these feelings is the enormous changes you are experiencing, physically and mentally. Many mothers gain weight, experience thinner hair after their baby is born, and even notice other changes in their bodies. Our hips, bellies, breasts, and many other things change when we’ve gone through a pregnancy and birth. Some of those changes aren’t so desirable, and that can really take away from our confidence. Mentally, we are focused on our child and his or her well being 24 hours a day. That is extremely draining, especially for a first time mother.

While it sounds kind of harsh, we also sometimes wonder if we will ever feel young and alive again. We go from having a great social life to feedings every 3 hours, no sleep at night, diaper changes and feeling utterly exhausted. Sometimes it can be pretty easy to feel as if your entire life has been put on hold for this tiny little life. Often times we will wonder how in the world we’re ever going to manage! Even as the child or children get older, mothers feel as though all we do is give and give, and there’s nothing to take. We know that we love our children with all of our hearts, and also that we feel completely lost.

These feelings are completely normal, and there are tons of mothers who feel the same exact way. It can be easy to feel like you will be in this state forever. What you should really remember, though, is that this is just a small amount of time in your life. Things will not feel this way forever. Before long, your child or children will become more and more independent. There will be more time for you, and you will absolutely feel alive and young again. The first year or so of a new child is extremely hard to go through, but it doesn’t last forever.

Try to be as involved with your child as you can, but take some small time out of every day for yourself. Whether you have to get your mother, husband, or a friend to care for your child for just a half hour, take advantage of some alone time. Take a nice hot shower, fix your hair and apply a little make-up. Do something that makes you feel better about yourself. Perhaps even buy a great outfit that is flattering on you. Just by taking some time and doing things to take care of yourself, you will feel better and be more able to handle the feelings you are having. Just remember these feelings will pass, and before you know it, you’ll be back to your spicy, lovely self again!

About The Author, Salenakulkarni
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