Sponsor Your Elderly Parents

Should I consider finding a house nurse? Should I send my parent/parents to an old age home? What will make them happy?

It’s been documented that because millions of people are deciding to migrate, millions of frail elderly people are left behind to fend for themselves. While the young leave their home countries for a better life, their parents are often left in the lurch. It’s estimated that more than 1 000 people a week migrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. As a result, Hong Kong has seen a growing number of “elderly orphans”.

Perhaps the best and most sensible start would be to have a chat with your parents. Consider their feelings and their concerns. Perhaps, they’re not interested in such a massive change? Try to discuss your feelings and then compromise. Attempt to alleviate your parents concerns. Offer alternatives to ideas you do not agree with.

Once you’ve had a heart-to-heart with your parents, set up a meeting with a clued up consultant, for in depth information. Then consider your various options.

Usually, parents aren’t included as accompanying dependants of the main applicant. Parents can be sponsored once the applicant becomes a permanent resident. In exceptional cases an elderly parent can be included as an accompanying dependant pursuant to the Last Surviving Member policy.

Family Sponsorship
Currently, when applying for the entry of parents or grandparents it is done under the family sponsorship route. You require a proof of relationship and meeting the LICO (low Income Cut Off) Standards of Income. Canadian applications to sponsor your parents, will require you to prove to the Canada Immigration that you have sufficient income to support a family group of a certain number. Everything is dependent on the Canadian city you plan to live in.


Each country abides by a set of rules such as Australia.

Family Stream of Australian Migration Program: With this visa you’re able to the reunion in Australia of immediate family members, including parents. Consider; the parent category and the contributory parent category.

Contributory parent category: This category is considered ahigher priority. This Visa has a substantially higher visa application charge and larger Assurance of Support (AoS) bond, with a longer AoS period).

Parent Category comprises:
(for applicants from outside Australia). This category comprises of Subclass 103 Parent (Migrant) Visa and (for applicants applying from within Australia) Subclass 804 Aged Parent (Residence) Visa).

You could contact organisations such as http://www.elderlyparents.org.uk. These organisations will help you and your parents make the neccessary decisions.

Your Parents still have their lives to live. They should have the right to make choices that will make them happy. Your parents should be a priority.

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