On the second trimester of pregnancy

My pregnant niece asked me what to expect now that she’s 18 weeks pregnant. She said she is done with her first trimester pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, etc. I told her that as she enters the second trimester of pregnancy, she needs to increase the amount of food she is eating in order to meet hers as well as the baby’s dietary requirements. I told her to take her vitafol or prenatal vitamins regularly, stay hydrated, and have a proper diet. Getting enough rest is also essential for mothers 18 weeks pregnant. I told her she will notice a lot of changes in her especially now that she’s in the most exciting phase of pregnancy because she can already feel her baby’s movements. She’s very excited and i can feel how happy she is, well simply because that’s how i also felt 14 years ago.

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3 Responses to “On the second trimester of pregnancy”

  1. Julia says:

    I found your blog by searching for information on the 2nd trimester. I too am in my second trimester and am a first time mom. There are so many worries and concerns you have, you don’t realize how much love you have for something you have only felt move a little. Anyway, I wanted to share this book with you my Dr. gave me. It’s called Eating for Pregnancy. I have a hard time eating any meat and this helps me find protein and other things I need. Tell her to check it out.

  2. pinaymom says:

    @Julia, thanks for sharing your thoughts and e-book! I wish you and your baby good health and a safe delivery! 🙂

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