Nanny camera

Leaving our kids in the care of a nanny is really difficult, i know how it feels because i’m a working mom also.  But thanks to technology, there are now ways to monitor your kids while you’re away from home and that is with the help of nanny cameras. A nanny camera will give you the reassurance that you need when you leave your kids in the care of nannies. These days, you can find a nanny camera in many different forms. There are nanny cameras that come in the shape of air fresheners, clocks, stereos, picture frames, and stuffed toys.

A video surveillance software which usually comes with the nanny camera is what you need and of course, a computer and an internet connection in your workplace. Once installed, the software will turn your computer into a video recorder and receptor which will allow you to view the images from the nanny camera at any time of the day.

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