Proud of my son

Last night while watching TV my son asked me if i heard the vitamins featured in the TV program because i was in the bathroom at that time. I told him yes and i asked him why. He said he’s interested in taking the vitamins because of the testimonies he heard from people who used it, that it was effective and that they got a sharper memory after taking the vitamin. One teenage student testifies that his grade in school improves because he can easily memorize his lessons after he took the vitamins. That’s why my son said he’s eager to take that vitamin to improve his memory and to score higher on his exams.  Then i asked him if there are children interviewed and he said none. I smiled at my son and told him that maybe the vitamin is not recommended to children like him (he’s  only 9  years old). I saw a little frustration in his face so to appease him i promised to look for a vitamin suitable for him. And then he smiled and even promised to study harder. I’m thankful to God i have him as my son and i’m so proud of him.

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