Other Children And Their Parents

The saying, “other people’s children” usually brings to mind how misbehaving other people’s children can be. “Other children’s parents” is a new saying that refers to how other people parent their children. Parents all have different expectations of their children and allow different behaviors.

When children begin to have friends, there are times parents would rather their child not associate with a certain child. Some parents let their children run wild, whereas some parents are completely strict. Parents have to learn to accept how other children are raised and teach their children to continue to respect their limits.

One common mistake made by parents is thinking that their parenting techniques are the best parenting techniques. Frequently parents may want to allow another child to disobey his or her parents, because they don’t think that another child’s parents’ decision is right. For example, some parents don’t allow their children to drink soda or eat sugary items. Offering these items to this child will compromise his or her parents’ ability to hold their child accountable. When parents respect other parents’ rules and parenting techniques they not only show respect to the other parents, but they model respect for others to their children.

Children who are considered wild and unruly can be more difficult to deal with for a parent. Parents can not control another person’s child when there are bad decisions being made by the child or the child’s parents. For example, if a phone call keeps coming in at 10 pm, but the rules clearly state no phone calls can be received after 9 pm, the child calling can be asked not to call again after 9pm, but if it persists parenting becomes difficult. There are two options available then for the parents. The first is to call the other child’s parents and ask them to talk to their child. If that doesn’t work, the only recourse is to discuss the situation with their own child and help their child to understand why the behavior of the other child is not acceptable.

The Playhouse

Many times there is a particular house that all of the neighborhood kids enjoy spending time at. Some parents enjoy the company of all of the kids and some do not. There are some benefits to having neighborhood children at your house. One of these benefits is that you are able to keep an eye on your own children. Another is that you can get to know your children’’ friends well. Still another benefit is that your children will learn to enjoy your company and accept you being around their friends when they get older.

One of the drawbacks, though, to having so many children in your home is that there is often more mess. Your food bill may go up when more mouths eat snacks, there may not be a lot of down time in your home and you many not be able to get your children to help around the house as much.

Finding a balance of time with your children playing with their friends in your home and having downtime in your home can be very important. One option to keep that balance is to set up times their friends are allowed to come over. You can also discuss with the other parents a rotational cycle where all the children play at different houses on different days.

Food costs can be minimized by buying in bulk or buying inexpensive snacks such as popsicles or individual bags of chips. Another option is to let children create their own snack. Cool aid ice cubes or cookies from scratch are some fun items that can be made.

Being able to have the best of both worlds with your children at home and your children away from home is great. Discuss with other parents and find what works best for everyone.

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