Natural eczema treatment

I have a friend whose suffering from eczema and i’m so sad for her because it affects her so much not just physically but psychologically as well. I’m trying to help her so i’m doing my own research to give her ideas and solutions to treat her eczema. Eczema, which is also referred as dermatitis, is a disorder of the skin in which the skin becomes dry, irritated, red and inflamed. Sometimes there might also be blisters with the skin becoming scaly and thickened.  The exact cause behind this skin disorder is still not known, but there are a number of factors which can contribute to eczema, such as improper skin functioning, imbalance in the hormones, abnormal circulation of the blood and weakness in the immune system. There are certain triggers too such as particular kinds of food, cosmetics, stress that a person might be experiencing, dust, sweat, etc, which can aggravate the symptoms of eczema.

I told her i’ll search for home remedies or  natural  eczema treatment. Today, there are several home remedies i found online such as application of certain oils like peppermint, coconut and neem oil on the affected skin, application of herbal creams, taking bath with oatmeal and application of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and almond on the skin. Borage oil for eczema is another home remedy being considered by some people to get rid of this skin problem.

I already produced a hard copy of my research and tomorrow i’ll give it to my friend for her reference. I hope with this i can be able to help her in my own little way.

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