Toddlers Parenting Tips To First Impressions – A Sponge of Short Term High Volume Opportunity

By presenting positive first time experiences to our toddlers parenting can become much more influential. Wise positive introduction will also give your child a better chance at being successful in school, life, and other areas as well.

During the toddler years they are the most impressionable and in a direct and literal way. Once you begin walking and talking, you are at the beginning of developing yourself, who you are and what is called thought patterns. Your very own ways of thinking, like snowflakes, these ‘thought patterns’ are unique unto every child. This is beyond even the strongest of habits. We all know how hard it is to break a habit, well, it is impossible to break or change a thought pattern. Which is exactly the reason why they are so important. You cannot just change your ways of thinking, your thought pattern imprint.

Or lets just say that, theoretically you can, but once they are developed naturally they are done for good.

But still you never get a second chance to have a first time experience with any given subject. Dressing up the positive things in life and introducing them as entertainment, something fun, will give a good first impression. This leaves a lasting impression and they suddenly have a positive association with these things. Consequently, this goes for negative things as well only in reverse. Of course common sense tells us that we must make the bad habits and activities as unattractive and unappealing as possible.

This is why, when our children become toddlers parenting becomes so critical, so very important. Introducing new ideas should be done in a positive light and with guidance meaning you need to be there. Parenting actively makes you mean more to them in such a simple way as guiding through first experiences. Being persistent with filling the cup is crucial, because the most benefit can be gained during this period in life.

It will never happen again and there are no second chances to recreate who you are and eventually becoming the person who you will be.Yet, during the toddler stage the brain is at the best possible position to take unlimited amounts of information and imprint them with ease.

The receptors in the brain dilate, they open up kind of like a pupil, and thought pattern imprints are stored in the brain.This is the only time allowable to make its impressions permanent, this strong, and this complete. Only during these toddler years are we able to collect our set of permanent imprints.This is the only stage in all of human development where this occurs naturally and completely. It is also said that after you develop your initial character of thought, those receptors needed for the allowing the impressions, never open up quite as much ever again. Anyway, the true focus of all of this is for the benefit of the child and future life.

The brain at this stage, is being most vulnerable to impressions and screaming for the need of them. You must do your best to fill those needs with the positive impressions. The best way to do this is with positive interaction.

Providing positive first time experiences with things will endear the mind with confidence in proceeding with it natural curiosities. This process will multiply in dimensions beyond our reasoning. Building a connection by encouraging open communication about everything.

Have fun talks about everything and anything. Try including some details, of how they feel about things. If the child is pretending go with for a little while. Then, subtly cause the direction to change by your influence and steer it from there.

Allow your child the ability to act out some fantasies(healthy ones) and give props and join in the fun. Play superman, or king of the mountain games, to bond and connect with your child. During these times of play try to inject as much learning as possible. During these formative years the brain can take an unlimited amount of learning skills with plenty of room to spare.

Incorporate learning skills into everyday activities in the life of the child during these years and so on. Your childs brain is much like a sponge at that time and you will want them to soak up all they can.

Toddler parenting can be fun but is also a major challenge due to how constant the care needs to be administered. It can be hard to keep up especially when other considerations can come into play.

Toddlers tend to also try and push the limits of our patience. They are simply learning the limit to their power and how far that can pull the chains of command. This is also vital in our parenting process. It is important to surround these years with comfortable safe feelings of expression.

This is so confidence can build along with the positive impressions.The more the positive experiences fills the brain, the more confidence will build and then develop problem solving all naturally.

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