Tips to gain weight

If you will notice i always blog my increasing weight problem and sometimes i also share some tips on loosing weight that i have searched online. This time i want to set aside that topic and discuss the opposite that is, how to gain weight. If there are people having problems on loosing weight, for sure there are also some people looking for ways to gain weight. Well, I did my own research and here are some tips you could find helpful.

If you are the skinny type or hardgainer person who wants to put on weight, you must increase your own production of anabolic hormones, human growth hormones and in particular, testosterone which is the main hormone for building muscles, and insulin level. There are many ways you can do this. When you wake up in the morning, immediately consume a high glycemic meal of sugary and starchy carbohydrates and high quality protein, such as a banana, some breakfast cereals and whey protein shake mixed with non-fat milk. This combination of nutrients will create a short term spike of insulin that will act as a fast transportation for your remaining testosterones and shoot it directly into your muscle cells to stop catabolic muscle loss and allow more muscular growth.

Another easy method is to take human growth hormones and natural testosterone supplements to stimulate your natural anabolic productions. These are herbal supplements to encourage your body to produce more of your natural growth hormones. But before taking any kind of supplements, be sure to consult your doctor first to avoid any complications.

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