Never give up

My brother in law’s wife is having a hard time to conceive, they’ve been married for 5 years already and until now they are still trying to have a baby. They said they already consulted a doctor but based on the result of diagnosis both of them are normal and have no reproductive no problems. But for me,I think it’s not enough to rely on just one medical diagnosis. It is better if they will consult another doctor for second opinion. In case the husband needs testosterone booster or the wife has uterus problem, it should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible since they are not getting any younger.

Well, we already told them our opinions and advice, it’s already up to them if they will follow or not. One thing I would like them to remember also is never give up on praying. If they will persistently pray about their desire to have a baby, I’m sure God will grant their request in His time.

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