Heart breaking news

I received a heart breaking news this morning from a friend, she told me that my former classmate in college died in a car accident. She learned about it through a common friend also. However she didn’t get the full details of the accident,  she only learned that the car was a total wreck.  The photos are posted in my classmate’s facebook account. I tried to see it for myself so i search his FB account but it was locked already.

Hayy life is full of mystery, we can really never tell what will happen to us. Just like me i was a victim of a car accident ten years ago which i almost died also. What happened to me and to my classmate makes me realize  how important it is to have a life insurance. Since my husband has no life insurance yet i’m thinking of getting one for him since he travels everyday.  Oh well, i’ll just request for insurance quotes one of these days.

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