Best buy

Yesterday we already shopped for school supplies, bags and shoes for our kids. Though it’s still 3 weeks away from school opening we decided to shop earlier to avail of sales and discounts. I’m glad we did it because we were able to get my son’s two shoes at 50% discount, it was a best buy for me. Imagine I got two shoes at the price of one! Not only that, they are branded shoes as well, one is Snoopy and the other is Disney.

However in the case of my daughter we had a hard time looking for her shoes because of her big feet, she’s only 13 years old and yet her shoe size is 10! What a feet. So she ended with black shoes that she doesn’t really like because she has no choice. And the hunting still continues because we she has no P.E. shoes yet. I hope next time there’ll be another mallwide sale so we can still get her PE shoes at discounted price. I luv bargain shopping.=)

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