Fat burner for teens

obese kidMy friend asks me  if I know any fat burners that work for teenagers, she said her daughter is now on the verge of getting obese. I told her we have the same problem because my daughter is gaining weight as well. At the age of 13 her weight is 79 kilos, if I’m not mistaken it is not normal for her age. Gladly she stands 5 ft 5 in. tall so somehow she doesn’t look too much overweight. Anyway, I told my friend I will just inform her if i already found the best fat burners for our daughters.

Though we both agree that natural diet and exercise are the best for our kids, our hands are “tied up” because we can’t supervise and control them most of the time since we’re both working mothers. Plus the fact that kids are so lazy nowadays to do exercises, they devote most of their times playing computer games. Sigh..

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