Summer plans

Only three weeks left before this school year is over. My kids are already looking forward to their summer vacation. Husband and I are still thinking if we will enroll our kids on special summer classes. I want them to take piano lessons or any sports activity but my daughter finds guitar lesson more interesting, so she might just take up guitar lesson this summer. My son is more interested on playing computer games than playing outdoor sports or taking any lesson on musical instruments so I’m quite sad about it.

Anyway, I’m also planning to buy a home theater or karaoke system to make their vacation more exciting. My kids kept asking me to buy so they could sing along or enjoy watching movies at home while on vacation. Hayz, i’m just thankful that payu2blog has blessed me with more assignments this week, and if there are no emergencies or unexpected expenses, i think i’ll be able to buy the Samsung home theater system i was eyeing last week. Cross my finger. LOL

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