Acne light treatment

Have you tried acne light treatment? Also known as Clearlight or Blue light therapy, acne light is the newest addition to the long-line of acne treatments in the market. This therapy is believed to be the hope for acne patients who have little or not success with all the other available forms of treatments. Blue light therapy works by killing the bacteria which cause most cases of acne. Patients who undergo Clearlight are, basically, exposed to a source of low intensity blue light (about 405-420 nm) for 15 minutes twice each week, which goes on for four straight weeks.

The popularity of acne light treatment is growing each day as more and more people are being treated of their blemishes in a drug-free manner. Most topical creams or solutions cause redness, peeling, and an increase on sensitivity to light. Blue light therapy is known as a magnificent alternative to most of the stingy acne treatments.

For any information on acne light treatments, it is best to ask your dermatologist.

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