Acne best home remedies

Are you ready to flaunt your sexy body with your two-piece bikini this summer? Or are you starting to worry because of your stubborn body acne? Well if you need body acne treatments you should act now! However we all know how expensive the derma treatments these days so this is another problem. Anyway don’t worry there are other natural means to get rid of acne, here are few of the best home remedies I found online:

• Apply lemon juice or cinnamon powder on the acne affected area. You can see positive results with in 3 weeks. No side affects nothing. This is simple and best method to cure acne.

• Concentrated Garlic juice is the everlasting acne solution. It can remove pimples and scratches with in 1 week. But maintain solution percentage. This is a good solution for pimples and blackheads.

• Combination of lemon juice and rose water is also good solution for the treatment of acne.

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