Prenatal vitamins and hair growth

I’m suffering from hair loss and it’s very alarming. My aunt recommended black patchouli soap bar, she said her son used it and it’s effective. I tried it but I’m not comfortable using the soap bar for my hair because of its stickiness. So I just search the net for other solutions.

I read an interesting article today that prenatal vitamins can cause hair growth. There has been research done that showed a correlation between hair thickness and growth and prenatal vitamin intake. Most prenatal vitamins include a greater amount of folic acid as well as calcium. Folic acid has been included in a lot of studies and been shown to assist in the growth of hair. Some hypothesize that it is the folic acid increase in prenatal vitamins that cause hair growth. Some say that folic acid works so well because it assists in the formation of new cells.

Hmm if only prenatal vitamin can be taken as a regular vitamin supplement I will surely give it a try.

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  1. I highly recommend biotin based products for your hair.