Colon cleansing and diet

The food we are eating nowadays are mostly highly processed and contains artificial and chemical ingredients. Some of these foods ended up as toxins built up and could cause obesity, constipation, allergies and many other diseases.

Here are some tips to help you improve your diet and maintain the health of your colon so that you do not need to resort to too much of artificial colon cleansing:

* Doctors say raw egg yolk is one of the best foods for colon cleansing. It has essential minerals and vitamins required in our body to keep us fit. Taking one yolk egg every day as part of your regular diet will help control the toxin levels of your body. You can take raw egg yolk with milk, vegetables and fruit juice,
*Oils such as those of coconut, olive and cod are also known as good colon-cleansing agents. Do not worry about the increase in fat level in your body with these oils because they help control the toxin levels and maintain the hormonal balance in your body.
*Try to add yeast flakes to your diet it contains important minerals and vitamins like those of the B group.Yeast flakes are great for cleansing the digestive system and ideal for people who do not take egg yolk.
* Take colon cleansing foods. Your diet must include intake of fibrous foods as the fibrous contents enhance excretion and results in the pushing out of the harmful bacteria out of the body. Consumption of plenty of raw fruits, vegetables and juices are quite effective in keeping the digestive system healthy. Green foods contain a lot of chlorophyll, they help in healing the damage to digestive tissues. People who drink lots of water are not prone to constipation as compared to those who take little water on a daily basis. So, drink lots of water to prevent your body from accumulating toxins.

Eating healthy, following an exercise regime and keeping away from stress will help you build a strong body and boost your immunity. You may not need a colon cleansing product if you follow a good daily regimen of proper diet.

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