Pacquiao vs Cotto fight result predictions

The boxing fight of the year Pacquiao vs Cotto is just two days away and i’m one of the many people around the world waiting for Pacquiao vs Cotto boxing fight result.

A lot of people are giving their predictions as to who will win the fight. Boxing analysts and experts believe that Pacquiao will win. The result of online polls shows as well that Manny Pacquiao will be the winner.

Though I believe in Manny Pacquiao’s strength and capability we cannot really tell what’s going to happen when they are already inside the ring. Life is unpredictable, there are people who are physically fit and living a healthy lifestyle then we suddenly hear the person died without any reason. Whenever I hear this kind of stories I can’t help but think of health insurance as well. I think it’s important to consider health insurance leads especially to boxers or any athletes playing any kind of sports. Health insurance is a big help not just to the afflicted but to their families as well.

Anyway back to Pacquiao vs Cotto , we’re already prepared to watch the fight on Sunday, Nov. 15. My parents already paid their cable TV provider for a live feed. So let’s just watch out for Pacquiao vs Cotto fight result this weekend!

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