On directory submissions

My friend asked if she really needs to submit her new site on web directories. She said she spent several days to submit to bunch of free directories for inbound links and it was exhausting. Well, some say it’s really a waste of time, and it’s better to work on your site rather than spending time submitting your site to free web directories. But I think it depends on which directories you submit to. There are directories that are really helpful, like for blogs it’s an advantage to submit it to directories like mybloglog and blogcatalog. Both of these directories helps in meeting other bloggers and get some amount of traffic,  likewise submitting to non relevant directories is not recommended.

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One Response to “On directory submissions”

  1. jonharules says:

    A link is still a link, no matter what. DF(do follow) links are just icing to the cake but what we really look after or crave for is the cake, right? So even if links are unrelated to your niche, it still counts though not SEOtically but organically when people sees it and clicks it then that adds to traffic. But for starters, yes better concentrate on similar or related niches.