Manny Pacquiao wins

It’s time for some updates. First of all I would like to congratulate Manny Pacquiao for winning his 7th title after knocking down Miguel Cotto last Saturday at the MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas. His success brought pride and joy to every Filipino and honor to our country, thanks to the People’s Champ!

Anyway, it was in my parents’ place where we watched the fight. All my brothers and sister together with their families also came, it was like there’s a special occasion that day everyone was happy and excited. I was excited too and out of my excitement I almost forgot that I have a research  about long distance movers to finish, luckily my parents have computer and internet at home so I made it just in time. But I was too pressured while doing my assignment so I had headache after that, but thanks to the exciting fight of Pacquiao and Cotto my headache suddenly gone because of some adrenaline rush! ^_^

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