Dental implant

I remember my friend in College she really hates wearing  her removable artificial teeth, she said she regret not taking care of her teeth when she was young.

Now she’s residing in Mexico and the last time i talked to her she told me about her plan to replace her false teeth with dental implants Mexico.I forgot to ask if dental implant in Mexico is cheaper that’s why she decided to have it there. Anyway, I hope we can talk again I’m excited to know if she’s wearing dental implants now because I’m interested to try it also. If money is available I will consider having dental implant instead of removable artificial teeth.

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2 Responses to “Dental implant”

  1. jonharules says:

    My mom hates her artificial teeth too. She can’t eat as much as she wants parties. Hey, long time no visit! How’s everything going?

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