Beauty care business

My sister went to a beauty shop yesterday, its’ a wholesale store actually so the cost of beauty products there are very cheap. We’re thinking of starting our small business in selling beauty products so she bought a few items first and tried it on ourselves first. Once proven effective we will pursue with our business plan.

Products include whitening and bleaching creams, peeling creams and oil, whitening soaps and other kinds of soaps, lotions, hair care products, spa and a lot more. As for me I bought the bleaching cream for my daughter and the best eye cream for me. I already have visible lines under my eyes and dark circle so I tried their eye cream which according to them is one of their bestseller. Well I tried it last night but they say visible result will show after two weeks of applying the cream so I still have to wait for that required time. Anyway, I will just blog about it if this trial became successful. So, good luck to me. ^_^

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