Demi Moore’s twitter picture

I’m not a big fan of Demi Moore but i do like her especially after i watched her film “Ghost.” I remember during our college days when her short hair cut became very popular.

Anyway, why am i talking about Demi Moore’s hair cut here, well i just came across a site where Demi Moore sports a mohawk Mohican hair style.  The photo was uploaded in Twitter. At first i thought it’s real but after reading the whole article i found out it’s just a fake and created using Photoshop.Want to see the Demi Moore’s Twitter picture? Check it out here.

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  1. jonharules says:

    Medyo marami rin sis, kaso konte lang yung kinita ko sa adsense. kainis nga eh, naka 3k akong bisita pero ni 1 dollar wala nga eh..tsk. siguro kasi litrato lang yung may pakialam sila. haha