Then and now

When i was still single,  shopping  was my favorite past time and every payday i set aside a budget for dress and shoes. In my previous employers we do not have company provided uniforms so i have no choice but to buy new dress and shoes once in a while. But that was before, the company i worked for today provided us with 5 sets of uniforms so i don’t have to worry about what to wear everyday. With regards to shoes, it’s a different case because my shoes have to be customized for my prosthesis leg. So even if i want the Dansko shoes i saw in one online store still i can’t buy them. Anyway i just look at the positive side of it, now i will not be tempted to buy new shoes since most of the shoes that i wish to buy are very pricey. And thanks to internet, now i have switched my past time from  unnecessary shopping to blogging and internet surfing. 🙂

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