Pinay mom in US Navy

It’s been a while since I’ve featured stories of successful pinay moms here in my blog. I want to continue what I have started so let me share this time the story of Maria Mamaril, another certified best pinay mom!

Maria Mamaril, 44-year-old Pampanga native followed the footsetpes of his father Brigido Mamaril, a retired culinary specialist from the US Navy. She climbed the military ranks quickly, earning two degrees, serving two tours of duty in the Middle East, and overcoming depression while being a military wife and mother to two young children. Among the nine siblings, Mamaril says she was the only child who chose the military as a life and career.

Along with two fellow petty officers at the US Naval Medical Center in San Diego, she was promoted to the military’s highest rank for an enlisted sailor, master chief petty officer, at a special ceremony.

Maria signed up for the Navy with the intention of using the GI Bill to help pay for her nursing college tuition. In 1987, she was assigned to her first ship in the supply department on the USS Acadia, one of the first ships to accept women.

She attended medical school during her off hours and was promoted to hospital corpsman third class within a few months.
By 1992, she was working in San Diego, married to a hospital corpsman chief and caring for their first child. After graduating from Surgical Technician School she was assigned to boot camp with the US Marines, since the Marines do not have their own medical unit.

Five years later she was nominated Senior Sailor of the Year while working at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. In January 2003 she was deployed overseas for Iraqi Freedom in Northern Kuwait. Her surgical company was in charge of evacuating the Marines, Army, sailors, and civilians.

In 2007, she earned a MA Degree in Security Administration. During that same year, she was deployed to the Arabian Seas twice. As master chief and mother of two, Maria still loves working with patients and mentoring the next generation of new recruits.

As master chief and mother of two, Maria still loves working with patients and mentoring the next generation of new recruits. “It’s really a big change for them (Filipinos and women) to see someone like them at the very top.” She says road that she took benefited her in the end and can open the door for others.

She says a lot has changed in the military: Mandated policies prohibiting sexual harassment and post-traumatic stress treatment programs have long been implemented.

Maria had gone a long way and her success made her father truly proud of her!

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