My stress reliever

Thank God it’s Saturday! After a stressful week finally i can have my much needed relaxation. Sunday is the only time i can relax because we still work on Saturdays. That’s why I envy those government, bank employees and others who works only from Monday to Friday, they enjoy a two-day rest day unlike us. Well, it’s a sad situation that i have learned to accept, i’ve been working here in our company for fifteen years¬† so my system got used to the 6-day-boring routine work already.

If you’ll ask how i managed, well i just sipped my favorite cup of coffee every morning before i start my work. Since in our office coffee is free and supply is bottom less so i never miss a day without drinking coffee. Drinking coffee is my therapy, a stress reliever for me. Especially the Capresso coffee, it’s smell has an effect on me that i can’t explain. I’m sure you’ll say it’s because of caffeine, which i admit i’m already addicted now.hehe. But they say coffee is also good for the heart. Anyway, whether good or bad,¬† still i love coffee!:D

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