My new blog layout

Noticed my new blog layout? I said i will not change my blog theme but i can’t control myself, i always  have this feeling that i need to change it and so  that’s what i did today.

Well, I chose this wordpress theme because it is neat, simple and of course blue is my favorite color 🙂  I’m glad the codes of this theme is simple as well, i didn’t have a hard time editing and placing my ads.

Now that i’m done with this i can already concentrate on my work and assignments. I have to do some research about custom software, honestly i’m clueless about this. Anyway i can always scour the net for informations i need.

This is it for now. Happy blogging!

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One Response to “My new blog layout”

  1. jonharules says:

    gosh bagong bago ah..well ok lang, mas gusto ko yung dati.

    PNT ako dito. mas konte yata mga ads mo sis. wala pa akong PNT for the day tsaka sobrang konte palang, hindi pa nangalahati,huhhu…