My inspirations

My kids are my inspirations, they are the reason why I worked so hard to earn. I want to give them the best education and a good life.

Last night my daughter told how well she performs in school, especially how she excels in their Math class. She said most of her classmates admire her, they even call her “idol.” Likewise my son is also doing good in their class, he’s second place in the overall class standing. I’m happy and thankful that my hard works are being paid off and my kids achievements in school are the proof that I am blessed with my kids. Now i’m inspired to work harder so I can give them all the support they need.

Our lights in our living room is my concern right now, I want to change the old lamps with better lighting fixtures because our sala also serves as their study area. Well,  got to go now i need to do my assignments  first so i’ll have the money to buy this new lighting fixtures that we need. Have a great day! 🙂

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