I’ve changed my mind

I will no longer change my blog theme for now, yes i’ve changed my mind. After several attempts still i can’t choose which theme to use, actually the problem was i had a hard time  editing the codes so before this blog turns into a disaster i decided not to push through with it. Besides i’ll be busy in the pre-employment screening of new applicants in our company and also i have few assignments to finish this week so those are my priorities right now.  Anyway i will try to write more sensible posts next time. Bye for now..Have a great day!

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2 Responses to “I’ve changed my mind”

  1. chuchie says:

    Hello Mommyelvz, Dj tammy is now posting the result to her slogan making contest and luckily I won the 4th place.
    You can send the ec credits here — http://entrecard.com/details/124350. Thanks for sponsoring the contest

  2. jonharules says:

    Hey sis, yeah you gotta tell your daughter keep learning HTML because it’s the basic gateway to learning other Web programming languages such as Java and PHP. The knowledge on them will definitely help her gain some profit on the net in the future. She could work as a programmer, web developer or simply as a Virtual Assistant (like me)..haha.

    Well anyways, I love your layout since the day I stumbled upon your blog. I told you, I love it. But if ever you’ll change, be sure it’s for the better! 🙂