Extension room

Our house has two bedrooms and as of the moment my two kids just share in one room. But we’re thinking of adding an extension room since my 13 year old daughter and soon to be 9 year old son should have a separate room already.

Yesterday my son teased her “ate” it’s about how her sister looks like while sleeping, we all burst into laughter! I’m glad my daughter is not “pikon” because if she does i’m sure my son will find what he’s looking for.hehe

Anyway i have so many plans in mind, i want our new room to be cozy and relaxing. I’m only eyeing to buy simple bedroom fixtures but if money is available I would love to have a sleep number bed or an air bed because everytime i wake up in the morning i always have an irritating back pain. Well, I don’t know if it’s our bed that’s really causing the pain or it’s just natural because i’m already getting old? ouch! ^_^

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