Changing Blog and Friendster layout

Yesterday i spent almost the whole day searching for a nice layout for this blog, i got bored of this ‘desk mess’ theme so i thought of changing it. Actually i already found three themes but i’m still thinking which one to choose.

Speaking of layout, my daughter edits her Friendster layout almost everyday i think she’s already addicted to it.  Since she has knowledge on HTML, she told me how her classmates would admire her everytime she tweaks and add something different on her Friendster layout. Oh well, i advise her to study and learn more about html codes so she can use her skill on something worthwhile in the future. Perhaps she make beautiful layouts on her own which i can promote and sell thru my blogs.. wishful thinking. 😀

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One Response to “Changing Blog and Friendster layout”

  1. jonharules says:

    hey mommy elvs! pnt time! haha,kamusta? i visited your other blog, pareho layout natin sa other blog ko na

    kamusta? hala i need to add you in friendster, what should i search?