Is this true?

Women only wash their bras six times a year?! I read this while reading internet news.  It says, this generation has one disgusting habit and they are guilty of: not washing their bras.

A new survey taken by 2,025 women has found that while women own an average of 15 bras, they only put them in the wash six times a year. Yikes! Actually, they calculated that this means women rotate through their collection, basically wear the same bra seven times before cleaning.

I don’t know from what country or what culture of women are they referring to, but for me and to all Filipina women out there i’m sure we are not included in the list.hehe.

OK let me continue with the survey, it says they found that ignoring the stains on dirty bras—stale perfume, body lotion, fake tan and sweat are actually what limit the life of a bra. The problem is that this lack of washing means that bras look tatty, grey and dirty which obviously doesn’t look good but is also far from advantageous for the life of the bra,” says Dr. Beckmann Stain guru Lesley Naylor. “The extra dirt is clearly not good for the wearer’s skin as bras are fitted snug to the chest and this build up of bacteria can create irritation.”

Now we know the effects of not washing our bras, so ladies make it 7 times a year ok?… just joking!lol

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