Hosting problem

This blog’s domain and hosting are about to expire next month so i’m already preparing for it’s transfer to a new host. But the problem is i can’t easily transfer my blog to a new account because controlled my domain and now they’re asking for some personal information before they give the authorization code needed to unlock my domain. However, the situation is quite complicated because this blog’s domain and hosting account was registered to Ellaine, the sponsor of my domain and hosting. We’ll, i’m glad Joliber informed Ellaine about this concern. Joliber and Mommy Ruby are helping me out ’cause i’m really inexperienced on this.  I know my problem’s not yet over but i’m positive this will be solved  thru their continuous help. Thank you guys!

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One Response to “Hosting problem”

  1. Mommy R says:

    Nako Mommy, don’t worry. We are hoping that it will go well. 🙂