Skywatch Friday#3


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8 Responses to “Skywatch Friday#3”

  1. jennwashere says:

    I love the drama in the sky… the colors and the shapes, so great!

    My Sky Watch Friday entries are posted here and here. Happy weekends!

  2. rhoen says:

    nice colors! happy weekend!

  3. luna miranda says:

    beautiful colors of clouds against the blue skies. lovely shot.

  4. The Explorer says:

    colorful clouds…very appealing

  5. Ebie says:

    What a beautiful cloud formation!

  6. Photo Cache says:

    Very nice post. Is this your first time?

  7. babooshka says:

    These are so dramatic

  8. pinaymom says:

    Hi everyone! thanks for dropping by and leaving your nice comments.

    @Photo Cache this is my third entry and I’m inspired to share more photos next time 🙂

    Hope to see you again!